Hi, I'm Pablo

Thanks for visiting. This a little space I created for myself, I have a list of things I find interesting, and some projects I'm working on. If you stumbled on this site and have similar interests, feel free to shoot me a message.


Lightfields: Why I think Lightfields will be the dominant medium of communication in the future.

Exoskeletons: How do we augment our physical capabilities through technology?

Machine Interfaces: The way we communicate and control machines matters.

Ornithopters: A potential new frontier for flight.


MoonDAO: The Internet's Space Program. An idea formed in 2022 to accelerate R&D for a long-term lunar presence. We sent the first DAO-voted person to space, and we're sending another person up soon!

Junto: Decentralized Autonomous Libraries. This was a startup I was working on in 2021, the idea is to create resilient networks of local communities through better coordination.

ConstitutionDAO: The Intenet tried (and failed) to purchase the U.S. Constitution from Sotheby's. We were outbid by a hedge fund CEO, but managed to raise the price to over $40 million dollars. This was the most intense week of my life trying to bring this idea to life.

Falcon: A future project towards better personal flight using a wing-powered exoskeleton. Someday I hope this becomes a reality.

Writing / Selected Talks

On God, How my Perspective Changed: Some thoughts about a journey I took to Peru and how it changed my spiritual beliefs. Today I'd categorize myself as Catholic, but I think there are many levels to spirituality and we are just on the surface of our understanding.

The Master Plan: Some ideas for how we will achieve MoonDAO's long term goals.

Decentralized Autonomous Libraries: Writing about Decentralized Libraries and how they might work in the future.

Fireside Chat at DAODenver: In 2022 I was invited to give a chat about MoonDAO, there are various other talks I've given about MoonDAO on YouTube but this was one of the first ones I did.

Presentation about MoonDAO: After the 5 minute mark or so I give a deeper presentation outlining how MoonDAO works and what we've achieved so far.